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7 v 7 canceled for today, Sunday May 22 due to inclement weather.



Playing Rules

General Rules

Rock/paper/scissors determines possession

One hand touch

25 minute games (25 second play clock)

4 seconds to throw ball – officials count with arm signal

Offense 6 players on field and a center

Defense 7 players on field, no kneeling LB’s

Fumbled snap = dead ball

Fumble = dead ball and offense keeps ball at spot of fumble

No blocking downfield = down at point of infraction


Touchdown = 6 points

Extra point = 1 point from the 5 yard line, 2 points from the 10 yard line

Defensive stop = 1 point

Interception = 4 points and change of possession, cannot return interception


Delay of game = loss of down

False start = 5 yard loss and replay down

Pass Interference = 5 yards and replay down

Overtime = Sudden death

Rock/paper/scissors determines possession

1 play from 5 yard line, if offense scores they win, if they don’t score then defense wins